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Shamisen - A Traditional Japanese Instrument

The shamisen 三味線 is a traditional Japanese instrument often associated with bunraku puppet theater, kabuki theater, and geisha and maiko performances. It is also called a samisen or sangen somtimes. The name, shamisen, literally translates as “three strings,” referring to the three strings on the…

Para veer meu amigo

Pera veer meu amigo,
que talhou preito comigo,
alá vou, madre.

Pera veer meu amado,
que mig’ha preito talhado,
alá vou, madre.

Que talhou preito comigo,
é por esto que vos digo:
alá vou, madre.

Que mig’ha preito talhado;
é por esto que vos falo:
alá vou, madre.

Dom Dinis


冯长江 - 《四美图》

"Four Beauties" by Feng Changjiang

-Xi Shi sinks fish

Wang Zhaojun entice birds falling

Diaochan eclipses the moon

Yang Guifei shames flowers-